Learn About Dr. David Waite

Dr David W Waite PT DPT FAAOMPT CSCS CDN SMT Dip Osteopractic has led an exciting career building an impressive resume that has brought him to the point of branching into the realm of private practice. His practice is results driven and outcome based. David’s background is in athletics, where he played both Football and Tennis at the collegiate level before gaining his Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Southwest Baptist University in 2013.

David has earned advanced training in sports rehabilitation and performance by obtaining his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) as well as movement analysis through the Ready State as a movement 102 coach and MWod movement specialist. In order to best treat clients across the spectrum David completed a Fellowship in Manual Physical Therapy in early 2020 and now holds the elite distinction of being a “Fellow of the American Academy of Manual Physical Therapy” (FAAOMPT). This is the top credential in the field of Physical Therapy, possessed by less than 3 percent licensed practitioners. David also holds advanced manual therapy credentialing in Dry Needling (CDN) Spinal Manipulation (SMT) and a Diploma in Osteopractic.

David’s career has allowed him to work with professional athletes and top executives as well as underserved populations all around the world. Your goals are his goals, and he looks forward to helping you along your journey!




  1. Fellow of Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapy
  2. Recipient of the Diploma in Osteopractic
  3. Acting private Physio on the ATP tour for American Professional Tennis players
  4. Missouri State Physical Therapy student body president 2013
  5. Special Medical Consultant to FLIP (Fight Live Inspire Prevent) Cancer board

What is Osteopractic?

An Osteopractor is a Physical Therapist, Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathic medicine that has completed an extensive, evidence-based post graduate training in manual therapy for the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular conditions of the spine and extremities. Only after completing the intensive training program consisting of Dry Needling series, Spinal Manipulation course work, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Extremity Manipulation and Differential Diagnosis and Multi-Modal Management as well as passing strict written, practical and oral exams, will the clinician earn the Diploma in Osteopractic and be able to call themselves an Osteopractor.